Umar Bush Kano Biography

Meet Umar Bush, the funny guy from Kano who makes people laugh with his jokes. He’s famous for teasing people, especially with a pretty Hausa girl by his side. Umar became popular in just a month, even though he can’t read or write. Other people help him with his social media.

Umar grew up in Kano, where he started telling jokes in the streets. People loved his funny stories about everyday life. His videos spread quickly on social media, making him famous all over the Hausa-speaking areas.

Umar Bush kano

What makes Umar special is that he speaks the language and knows the culture of his people. He talks in a way that everyone can understand and relate to. People like him because he’s real and doesn’t pretend to be someone else.

Even though Umar is now famous, he hasn’t forgotten where he comes from. He still talks to his fans and helps out in his community. People appreciate him because he’s not like other comedians who only care about being famous.

Umar Bush is bringing happiness to many people with his jokes. His laughter fills the streets of Kano, spreading joy wherever he goes.


Umar Bush was born in 1990 and grew up in Kano State, Nigeria. He didn’t go to school but worked in a textile shop. One day, his cousin made a video of him being funny, and it became super popular on the internet.

Since then, Umar has become famous. People from Abuja invite him to entertain them, and they even pay him for it. Because of his fame, Umar got to fly in a plane for the first time.

His story shows how social media can change someone’s life, even if they don’t have much schooling. Umar’s funny jokes bring happiness to many people, and he inspires others to follow their dreams, no matter where they come from. Today, Umar Bush continues to make people laugh and spread joy wherever he goes.

Umar’s rise to prominence is a testament to the democratizing influence of social media, where raw talent can break through barriers and capture the hearts of millions. Despite his humble beginnings, Umar’s story inspires many, proving that with determination and authenticity, anything is possible.


Umar Bush became famous when his funny videos went viral on Instagram. One day, he met a famous footballer named Ahmed Musa, who gave him one million naira because he liked Umar’s jokes. Umar also met other important people like Abba Bichi.

Originally from Kano, Umar now lives in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital. He stays at the Hilton Hotel, which is a fancy place.

Umar’s story shows how social media and meeting important people can change someone’s life. Even though he started in Kano, he now lives a different life in Abuja. He still makes people laugh with his jokes, bringing happiness wherever he goes.

Umar Bush’s journey teaches us to never give up on our dreams and to be open to new opportunities that come our way.

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